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Author Title URL on Wiley Online Library Publication Year
Crary Antarctica in the International Geophysical Year: Based on a Symposium on the Antarctic 1956
Odishaw Geophysics and the IGY: Proceedings of the Symposium at the Opening of the International Geophysical Year, Geophysical Monograph 2 1958
Lodge Atmospheric Chemistry of Chlorine and Sulfur Compounds: Proceedings of a Symposium Held at Taft Sanitary Engineering Center, Geophysical Monograph 3 1959
Whitten Contemporary Geodesy: Proceedings of a Conference Held at the Harvard College Observatory-Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory, Cambridge, Mass 1959
Weickmann Physics of Precipitation: Proceedings of the Cloud Physics Conference, Woods Hole, Massachusetts, June 3-5, 1959 1960
Wexler Antarctic Research: The Matthew Fontaine Maury Memorial Symposium 1962
MacDonald The Crust of the Pacific Basin 1962
Mellor Antarctic Snow and Ice Studies I 1964
Lee Biology of the Antarctic Seas I 1964
Hartman Polychaeta Errantia of Antarctica 1964
Llano Biology of the Antarctic Seas II 1965
Hadley Geology and Paleontology of the Antarctic 1965
Waynick Geomagnetism and Aeronomy: Studies in the Ionosphere, Geomagnetism and Atmospheric Radio Noise 1965
AGU Inventory of Representative and Experimental Water Shed Studies Conducted in the United States 1965
Lee Terrestrial Heat Flow 1965
Tedrow Antarctic Soils and Soil Forming Processes 1966
Orlin Gravity Anomalies: Unsurveyed Areas 1966
Hartman Polychaeta Myzostomidae and Sedentaria of Antarctica 1966
Rubin Studies in Antarctic Meteorology 1966
Steinhart The Earth Beneath the Continents: A Volume of Geophysical Studies in Honor of Merle A. Tuve 1966
Schmitt Biology of the Antarctic Seas III 1967
Gressitt Entomology of Antarctica 1967
Stout Isotope Techniques in the Hydrologic Cycle: Papers Presented at a Symposium at the University of Illinois, November 10-12, 1965 1967
Austin Antarctic Bird Studies 1968
Knopoff The Crust and Upper Mantle of the Pacific Area, Geophysical Monograph 12 1968
Kott Antarctic Ascidiacea 1969
Hart The Earth's Crust and Upper Mantle Structure, Dynamic Processes, and Their Relation to Deep-Seated Geological Phenomena 1969
Newman Antarctic Cirripedia 1970
Reid Antarctic Oceanology I 1971
Burt Antarctic Pinnipedia 1971
Crary Antarctic Snow and Ice Studies II 1971
Howe Benefit-Cost Analysis for Water System Planning 1971
Llano Biology of the Antarctic Seas IV 1971
Fiering Synthetic Streamflows 1971
Heacock The Structure and Physical Properties of the Earth's Crust, Geophysical Monograph 14 1971
Llano Antarctic Terrestrial Biology 1972
Heard Flow and Fracture of Rocks, Geophysical Monograph16 1972
Henriksen The Use of Artificial Satellites for Geodesy, Geophysical Monograph 15 1972
Ackermann Man-Made Lakes: Their Problems and Environmental Effects, Geophysical Monograph 17 1973
Gunderson Human Adaptability to Antarctic Conditions 1974
Knetsch Outdoor Recreation and Water Resources Planning 1974
Foster Recent Antarctic and Subantarctic Brachiopods 1974
Hines The Upper Atmosphere in Motion: A Selection of Papers With Annotation, Geophysical Monograph 18 1974
Schultz Biology of the Antarctic Seas V 1975
Watson Birds of the Antarctic and Sub-Antarctic, Antarctic Research Series Volume 24 1975
AGU Precipitation Analysis for Hydrologic Modeling 1975
Pawson Biology of the Antarctic Seas VI 1976
Drake Geodynamics: Progress and Prospects 1976
Ackermann Hydrospheric Sciences in America: A Bicentennial Review 1976
Williams Physics of Solar Planetary Environments: Proceedings of the International Symposium on Solar-Terrestrial Physics, June 7 18,1976, Vol 1 1976
Williams Physics of Solar Planetary Environments: Proceedings of the International Symposium on Solar-Terrestrial Physics, June 7 18,1976, Vol 2 1976
Sutton The Geophysics of the Pacific Ocean Basin and Its Margin, Geophysical Monograph 19 1976
Pawson Biology of the Antarctic Seas VIII 1977
Budyko Climatic Changes 1977
Sobolev Deep-Seated Inclusions in Kimberlites and the Problem of the Composition of the Upper Mantle 1977
Heirtzler Indian Ocean Geology and Biostratigraphy: Studies Following Deep-Sea Drilling Legs 1977
Talwani Island Arcs Deep Sea Trenches and Back-Arc Basins 1977
Riordan Meteorological Studies at Plateau Station, Antarctica 1977
Major Multiobjective Water Resource Planning 1977
Heacock The Earth's Crust, Geophysical Monograph 20 1977
Hayes Antarctic Oceanology II: The Australian-New Zealand Sector, Antarctic Research Series Volume 19 1978
Kornicker Biology of the Antarctic Seas IX 1978
Pawson Biology of the Antarctic Seas VII 1978
Sündermann Mathematical Modelling of Estuarine Physics: Proceedings of an International Symposium Held at the German Hydrographic Institute Hamburg, August 24-2 1978
Parker Terrestrial Biology III 1978
Lanzerotti Upper Atmosphere Research in Antarctica 1978
Talwani Deep Drilling Results in the Atlantic Ocean: Continental Margins and Paleoenvironment 1979
Talwani Deep Drilling Results in the Atlantic Ocean: Ocean Crust 1979
Meyer Kimberlites, Diatremes, and Diamonds: Their Geology, Petrology, and Geochemistry 1979
Olson Quantitative Modeling of Magnetospheric Processes, Geophysical Monograph 21 1979
Riecker Rio Grande Rift: Tectonics and Magmatism 1979
Boyd The Mantle Sample: Inclusion in Kimberlites and Other Volcanics 1979
L'vovich World Water Resources and Their Future 1979
Mayaud Derivation, Meaning, and Use of Geomagnetic Indices, Geophysical Monograph 22 1980
Bally Dynamics of Plate Interiors : Geodynamics Series Volume 1 1980
van der Heijde Groundwater Management: The Use of Numerical Models, Water Resources Monograph 5 1980
Eather Majestic Lights: The Aurora in Science, History, and the Arts 1980
Hayes The Tectonic and Geologic Evolution of Southeast Asian Seas and Islands, Geophysical Monograph 23 1980
Stacey Anelasticity in the Earth 1981
Kornicker Biology of the Antarctic Seas X 1981
Richards Coastal Upwelling, Coastal and Estuarine Sciences1 1981
McGinnis Dry Valley Drilling Project 1981
Simpson Earthquake Prediction: An International Review, Maurice Ewing Series 4 1981
O'Connell Evolution of the Earth 1981
Carter Mechanical Behavior of Crustal Rocks 1981
Milliken Metropolitan Water Management, Water Resources Monograph 6 1981
McElhinny Paleoreconstruction of the Continents 1981
Akasofu Physics of Auroral Arc Formation 1981
Gupta Zagros, Hindu Kush, Himalaya: Geodynamic Evolution, Geodynamics Series Volume 3 1981
Berchemer Alpine-Mediterranean Geodynamics 1982
McGinnis Biogeography of Lanternfishes (Myctophidae) Southof 30°S 1982
Páalmason Continental and Oceanic Rifts 1982
Scrutton Dynamics of Passive Margins 1982
Schryer Heterogeneous Atmospheric Chemistry 1982
Finn Managing the Ocean Resources of the United States: The Role of the Federal Marine Sanctuaries Program 1982
Russell The IMS Source Book: Guide to the International Magnetospheric Study Data Analysis 1982
Kibler Urban Stormwater Hydrology 1982
Parker A Contribution to the Flora and Vegetation of Isla de los Estados (Staten Island), Tierra Del Fuego, Argentina 1983
Kornicker Biology of the Antarctic Seas XI 1983
Kornicker Biology of the Antarctic Seas XIII 1983
Kornicker Biology of the Antarctic Seas XIV 1983
Cabré Geodynamics of the Eastern Pacific Region, Caribbean and Scotia Arcs, Geodynamic Series Volume 9 1983
Hilde Geodynamics of the Western Pacific-Indonesian Region, Geodynamics Series Volume 11 1983
Rast Profile of Orogenic Belts 1983
Gordon Remote Assessment of Ocean Color for Interpretation of Satellite Visible Imagery: A Review 1983
Cuff Synthesis and Modelling of Intermittent Estuaries: A Case Study from Planning to Evaluation 1983
Edeson The Legal Regime of Fisheries in the Caribbean Region 1983
Bradley The Scientist and Engineer in Court, Water Resources Monograph 8 1983
Hayes The Tectonic and Geologic Evolution of Southeast Asian Seas and Islands: Part 2 1983
Wahrhaftig A Streetcar to Subduction and Other Plate Tectonic Trips by Public Transport in San Francisco 1984
Newell Antarctic Halacaroidea 1984
Hansen Climate Processes and Climate Sensitivity 1984
Kennish Ecology of Barnegat Bay, New Jersey 1984
Lam Effluent Transport and Diffusion Models for the Coastal Zone 1984
McHugh Fishery Management 1984
Rosenshein Groundwater Hydraulics 1984
Javandel Groundwater Transport: Handbook of Mathematical Models, Water Resources Monograph 10 1984
Gillmor History of Geophysics: Volume 1 1984
Hones Magnetic Reconnection in Space and Laboratory Plasmas 1984
Potemra Magnetospheric Currents 1984
Holm-Hansen Marine Phytoplankton and Productivity 1984
Davis Observations on the Ecology and Biology of Western Cape Cod Bay, Massachusetts 1984
Perqueux Osmoregulation in Estuarine and Marine Animals 1984
Van der Voo Plate Reconstruction From Paleozoic Paleomagnetism, Geodynamics Series Volume 12 1984
Stone Collisionless Shocks in the Heliosphere: A Tutorial Review 1985
Tsurutani Collisionless Shocks in the Heliosphere: Reviews of Current Research 1985
Langway Greenland Ice Core: Geophysics, Geochemistry, andthe Environment 1985
Sidle Hillslope Stability and Land Use, Water Resources Monograph 11 1985
Atkinson Oceanography of the Southeastern U.S. Continental Shelf, Coastal and Estuarine Sciences 2 1985
Jacobs Oceanology of the Antarctic Continental Shelf 1985
Dyke Offshore and Coastal Modelling 1985
Schock Point Defects in Minerals 1985
Sundquist The Carbon Cycle and Atmospheric CO2: Natural Variations Archean to Present 1985
Mooers Baroclinic Processes on Continental Shelves, Coastal and Estuarine Sciences 3 1986
Kornicker Biology of the Antarctic Seas XVI 1986
Kornicker Biology of the Antarctic Seas XVII 1986
Sieg Crustacea Tanaidacea of the Antarctic and the Subantarctic: 1. On Material Collected at Tierra del Fuego, Isla de los Estados, and the West Coast of t 1986
Das Earthquake Source Mechanics 1986
Rieser Environmental Decisionmaking in a Transboundary Region 1986
Pedersen Environmental Hydraulics: Stratified Flows 1986
Mehta Estuarine Cohesive Sediment Dynamics 1986
Stump Geological Investigations in Northern Victoria Land 1986
Turner Geology of the Central Transantarctic Mountains 1986
Gillmor History of Geophysics: Volume 2 1986
Chang Ion Acceleration in the Magnetosphere and Ionosphere 1986
Hsü Mesozoic and Cenozoic Oceans 1986
Hobbs Mineral and Rock Deformation: Laboratory Studies 1986
van de Kreeke Physics of Shallow Estuaries and Bays 1986
Eppley Plankton Dynamics of the Southern California Bight 1986
Barazangi Reflection Seismology: A Global Perspective 1986
Barazangi Reflection Seismology: The Continental Crust 1986
Fedorov The Physical Nature and Structure of Oceanic Fronts 1986
Bowman Tidal Mixing and Plankton Dynamics 1986
Monger Circum-Pacific Orogenic Belts and Evolution of the Pacific Ocean Basin 1987
Fuchs Composition, Structure and Dynamics of the Lithosphere-Asthenosphere System 1987
Heck Jr Ecological Studies in the Middle Reach of Chesapeake Bay: Calvert Cliffs 1987
McKenzie Gondwana Six: Stratigraphy, Sedimentology, and Paleontology 1987
McKenzie Gondwana Six: Structure, Tectonics, and Geophysics 1987
Manghnani High-Pressure Research in Mineral Physics: A Volume in Honor of Syun-iti Akimoto 1987
Landa History of Geophysics: Volume 3-The History of Hydrology 1987
Kröner Proterozic Lithospheric Evolution 1987
Kasahara Recent Plate Movements and Deformation 1987
Keating Seamounts, Islands, and Atolls 1987
Rumohr Seawater-Sediment Interactions in Coastal Waters: An Interdisciplinary Approach 1987
Leitch Terrane Accretion and Orogenic Belts 1987
Heaps Three Dimensional Coastal Ocean Models, Coastal and Estuarine Sciences Volume 4 1987
Stocker Topographic Waves in Channels and Lakes on the f-Plane 1987
Gold A New Law of the Sea for the Caribbean: An Examination of Marine Law and Policy Issues in the Lesser Antilles 1988
Kornicker Biology of the Antarctic Seas XIX 1988
Schumann Coastal Ocean Studies Off Natal, South Africa 1988
Jansson Coastal-Offshore Ecosystem 1988
Birmingham Comet Encounters 1988
Shankland Elastic Properties and Equations of State 1988
Hood Environmental Studies in Port Valdez, Alaska: A Basis for Management 1988
Aubrey Hydrodynamics and Sediment Dynamics of Tidal Inlets 1988
Yentsch Immunochemical Approaches to Coastal, Estuarine and Oceanographic Questions 1988
Crean Mathematical Modelling of Tides and Estuarine Circulation: The Coastal Seas of Southern British Columbia and Washington State 1988
Moore Modeling Magnetospheric Plasma 1988
Smylie Structure and Dynamics of Earth's Deep Interior 1988
Doe A Different View of Stone Monuments, Memorials and Buildings of Washington, D.C.: Washington, D.C., July 13, 1989, Field Trip Guidebook T235 1989
Lyons A Transect Through the New England Appalachians: Burlington, Vermont to Durham, New Hampshire July 2-8, 1989, Field Trip Guidebook T162 1989
Tabor Accreted Terranes of the North Cascades Range, Washington: Spokane to Seattle, Washington, July 21-29, 1989, Field Trip Guidebook T307 1989
Nokleberg Alaskan Geological and Geophysical Transect, Valdez to Coldfoot, Alaska, June 24-July 5, 1989, Field Trip Guidebook T104 1989
Eggleston Anthracite Basins of Eastern Pennsylvania: Pottsville to Shamokin, Pennsylvania July 15-16, 1989, Field Trip Guidebook T242 1989
Peterson Aspects of Climate Variability in the Pacific andthe Western Americas 1989
McCartan Atlantic Coastal Plain Sedimentation and Basement Tectonics Southeast of Washington, D.C.: Fort Washington to Waldorf, Field Trip Guidebook T214 1989
Woodward Balanced Geological Cross-Sections: An Essential Technique in Geological Research and Exploration 1989
Rodgers Boston to Buffalo, in the Footsteps of Amos Eatonand Edward Hitchcock: Boston, Massachusetts to Washington, D.C., Field Trip Guidebook T169 1989
Sonnenfeld Brines and Evaporites 1989
Taylor Cambrian and Early Ordovician Stratigraphy and Paleontology of the Basin and Range Province, Western United States: Las Vegas, Nevada to Salt Lake Ci 1989
Walker Cambro-Ordovician Carbonate Banks and Siliciclastic Basins of the United States Appalachians: Knoxville, Tennessee to Hagerstown, Maryland, June 30–J 1989
Wanless Carbonate Environments and Sequences of Caicos Platform: Caicos, British West Indies to Miami, Florida, July 20–26, 1989 1989
Moore Carbonate Rock Sequences From the Cretaceous of Texas: San Antonio to Austin, Texas, July 20-26, 1989 1989
Scholle Carbonate Sedimentology and Petrology 1989
Cecil Carboniferous Geology of the Eastern United States: St. Louis, Missouri to Washington, D.C. June 28– July 8, 1989, Field Trip Guidebook T143 1989
Swanson Cenozoic Volcanism in the Cascade Range and Columbia Plateau, Southern Washington nad Northernmost Oregon, Field Trip Guidebook T106 1989
Clark Central and Southern Appalachian Geomorphology. Tennessee, Virginia, and West Virginia: Maryville, Tennessee to Washington, D.C. July 2–9, 1989 1989
Edmunds Characteristics of the Mid-Carboniferous Boundaryand Associated Coal-Bearing Rocks in the Appalachian Basin: Morgantown, West Virginia to Chattanooga 1989
Finch Coal, Uranium, and Oil and Gas in Mesozoic Rocks of the San Juan Basin: Anatomy of a Giant Energy-Rich Basin, Field Trip Guidebook T120 1989
Suter Coastal Depositional Systems, Northwest Gulf of Mexico: New Orleans, Louisiana to Houston, Texas, July 21-25, 1989, Field Trip Guidebook T370 1989
Leatherman Coastal Geomorphology of the Maryland and Delaware Barrier Islands: Assateague Island, Maryland to Broadkill Beach,Delaware, Field Trip Guidebook T21 1989
Pilkey Coastal Land Loss 1989
Thomas Contrasts in Style of American Thrust Belts: Alabama, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Wyoming Idaho, Montana, July 20-31, 1989, Field Trip Guidebook T380 1989
Hyndman Cordilleran Volcanism, Plutonism, and Magma Generation at Various Crustal Levels, Montana and Idaho Western Montana and Central Idaho, Field Trip T33 1989
Owens Cretaceous and Tertiary Stratigraphy of the Elk Neck Area, Northeastern Maryland: Elk Neck State Park, Maryland, July 12, 1989 1989
Nummedal Cretaceous Shelf Sandstones and Shelf Depositional Sequences, Western Interior Basin, Utah, Colorado and New Mexico: Salt Lake City, Utah to Albuquer 1989
Hillhouse Deep Structure and Past Kinematics of Accreted Terranes, Geophysical Monograph 50 1989
Ayers Depositional Settings of Texas Lignites: Dallas to San Antonio, Texas, July 4-8, 1989, Field Trip Guidebook T173 1989
Karner Devils Tower-Black Hills Alkalic Igneous Rocks and General Geology United States: Las Vegas, Nevadato Salt Lake City 1989
Van Driel Digital Geologic and Geographic Information Systems, Short Courses in Geology Volume 10 1989
Weiblen Duluth Complex and Associated Rocks of the Midcontinent Rift System: Minneapolis to Duluth, Minnesota 1989
Speed Early Mesozoic Tectonics of the Western Great Basin, Nevada: Battle Mountain to Yerington District, Nevada, July 1-7, 1989, Field Trip Guidebook T122 1989
Rader Early Paleozoic Continental Shelf to Basin Transition, Northern Virginia: Strasburg to Riverton, Virginia July 13, 1989 1989
Morey Early Proterozoic Rocks of the Great Lakes Region: Sudbury, Ontario, Canada to Duluth, Minnesota, U. S.A, July 1–7, 1989 1989
Lopez Ecology of Marine Deposit Feeders 1989
Galster Engineering Geology of Major Dams on the Columbia River Puget Sound Basin to Northern Rocky Mountains, Field Trip Guidebook T382 1989
O'Connor Engineering Geology of Washington, D.C.: Washington, D.C. to Greenbelt, Maryland, July 14, 1989, Field Trip Guidebook T234 1989
Keaton Engineering Geology of Western United States Urban Centers: Los Angeles, California to Denver, Colorado June 27-July 7, 1989, Field Trip Guidbook T18 1989
Sinton Evolution of Mid Ocean Ridges 1989
Franczyk Evolution of Resource-Rich Foreland and Intennontane Basins in Eastern Utah and Western Colorado: Salt Lake City, Utah to Grand Junction, Colorado, J 1989
O'Connor Exploration of Rock Creek Park-North: Washington, D.C., July 17, 1989, Field Trip Guidebook T209 1989
Wernicke Extensional Tectonics in the Basin and Range Province Between the Southern Sierra Nevada and the Colorado Plateau: The Basin and Range Province of So 1989
Wooster Fishery Science and Management: Objectives and Limitations 1989
Scott Florida Phosphate Deposits: Tampa to Jacksonville, Florida June 30–July 7, 1989 1989
Smoot Fluvial and Lacustrine Facies of the Early Mesozoic Culpeper Basin: Virginia and Maryland. Seneca, Maryland to Stevensburg, Virginia, July 14, 1989 1989
Williams Flyover Showing Geomorphology and Coastal Processes Along the Atlantic Shoreline: Cape Henlopen, Delaware to Cape Charles, Field Trip Guidebook T219 1989
Journel Fundamentals of Geostatistics in Five Lessons 1989
Aalto Geologic Evolution of the Northernmost Coast Ranges and Western Klamath Mountains, California: Galice, Oregon to Eureka, California July 20–28, 1989 1989
Goldberg Geological Cross-Section Through Part of the Southern Appalachian Orogen: Inner Piedmont to Valley and Ridge NC, TN and VA, Field Trip Guidebook T365 1989
O'Connor Geological Exploration of the Southern Rock Creek Valley in DC: Washington, D.C., July 13, 1989, Field Trip Guidebook T208 1989
Clague Geological Field Guide to the Hawaiian Islands: Hilo to Honolulu, Hawaii, July 1-7, 21-27, 1989, Field Trip Guidebook T188/304 1989
Baskerville Geology and Engineering Geology of the New York Metropolitan Area, Field Trip Guidebook T361 1989
Milici Geology and Hydrocarbon Potential of the Eastern Overthrust: Knoxville, Tennessee to Washington, D.C., July 20–23, 1989 1989
Elston Geology of Grand Canyon, Northern Arizona (with Colorado River Guides): Lee Ferry to Pierce Ferry, Arizona 1989
Wahrhaftig Geology of San Francisco and Vicinity: San Francisco Bay Region, California: July 1-7, 1989, Field Trip Guidebook T105 1989
Peterson Geology of the Colorado Plateau: Grand Junction to Denver, Colorado June 30–July 7, 1989 1989
Fakundiny Geology of the Wine Country of New York Rochesterto Brooklyn, New York: July 20–28, 1989 1989
Woodward Geometry and Deformation Fabrics in the Central and Southern Appalachian Valley and Ridge and Blue Ridge, Field Trip Guidebook T357 1989
Osterkamp Geomorphology and Plant Ecology of the Shenandoah Valley: Waterlick to Strasburg, Virginia, Field Trip Guidebook T350 1989
Pavich Geomorphology, Neotectonics and Process Studies in the Rappahannock River Basin, Virginia: Marshallto Oak Grove, Virginia, Field Trip Guidebook T218 1989
Milton Geomorphology, Vegetation, and Patowmack Canal Construction Problems: Great Falls Park, Potomac River, Virginia: Potomac River Gorge, Virginia, July 1 1989
Dill Giant Subtidal Stromatolites and Related Sedimentary Features Lee Stocking Island, Exumas, Bahamas July 20-22, 1989, Field Trip Guidebook T373 1989
Breckenridge Glacial Lake Missoula and the Channeled Scabland Missoula, Montana to Portland, Oregon, July 20-26,1989, Field Trip Guidebook T310 1989
Anderson Glacial-Marine Sedimentation 1989
Krimmel Glaciers and Glaciology of Alaska: Anchorage to Juneau, Alaska July 21-29, 1989, Field Trip Guidebook T301 1989
Istok Groundwater Modeling by the Finite Element Method, Water Resources Monograph 13 1989
Hammond Guide to Geology of the Cascade Range: Portland, Oregon to Seattle, Washington 1989
Davies Highlights of the Geology and Engineering of the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal: Washington, D.C. to Frostburg, Maryland July 15, 1989, Field Trip T206 1989
Beck Hydrogeological Regimes and Their Subsurface Thermal Effects 1989
Moore Hydrogeology of the Washington, D.C., area, Virginia, Maryland, District of Columbia: Reston, Virginia to Prince Frederick, Field Trip Guidebook T232 1989
Tollo Jurassic Igneous Rocks of the Culpeper Basin, Virginia: Warrenton to Rapidan, Virginia, July 12, 1989 1989
Dickas Lake Superior Basin Segment of the Midcontinent Rift System 1989
Brown Landslides in Central California: San Francisco and Central California, Field Trip Guidebook T381 1989
Christie Late Proterozoic and Cambrian Tectonics, Sedimentation, and Record of Metazoan Radiation in the Western United States: Field Trip Guidebook T331 1989
Brezinski Lower Mississippian Foreland Basin Deposits of Western Maryland: Hancock to Keysers Ridge, Maryland July 14, 1989, Field Trip Guidebook T226 1989
Ratté Marble, Granite and Slate Industries of Vermont: Isle LaMotte to Graniteville, Vermont, Field Trip Guidebook T362 1989
Blueford Mesozoic and Cenozoic Siliceous Sediments of California: San Francisco to Los Angeles, California, July 3–7, 1989 1989
Flynn Mesozoic/Cenozoic Vertebrate Paleontology: Classic Localities, Contemporary Approaches. Salt Lake City, Utah to Billings, Montana, July 19–27, 1989 1989
Reed Metabasalts and Related Rocks of the Blue Ridge Province: Traces of Proterozoic Rifting in Eastern North America, Field Trip Guidebook T203 1989
Spear Metamorphic Pressure-Temperature-Time Paths 1989
Drake Metamorphic Rocks of the Potomac Terrane in the Potomac Valley of Virginia and Maryland: The Piedmont of Fairfax County, Virginia, July 13 and 18, 19 1989
Winston Middle Proterozoic Belt Supergroup, Western Montana: Great Falls, Montana to Spokane, Washington, July 20-28, 1989, Field Trip Guidebook T334 1989
Bryant Mineral Deposits and Geology of Central Colorado: Red Rocks Park to Cripple Creek, Colorado July 2–8, 1989, Field Trip Guidebook T129 1989
Bethke Mineralization in Silicic Calderas: Questa, New Mexico and the San Juan Mountains, Colorado. Taos, New Mexico to Lake City, Colorado, July 20–July 25 1989
Coleman Mississippi River Depositional System: Baton Rouge to New Orleans, Louisiana July 3-7, 1989 and New New Mexico: Salt Lake City, Utah to Albuquerque 1989
Hayes Modern Clastic Depositional Environments, South Carolina: Charleston to Columbia, South Carolina, July 20–25, 1989 1989
Hayes Modern Clastic Depositional Systems of South-Central Alaska: Anchorage to Cordova, Alaska June 29–July 7, 1989 1989
Hearn Montana High Potassimn Igneous Province: Crazy Mountains to Jordan, Montana, Field Trip Guidebook T346 1989
Wulff Network Analysis in Marine Ecology: Methods and Applications 1989
Moench Northern Appalachian Transect: Southeastern Quebec, Canada Through Western Maine, U.S.A.; Quebec City to Portland, Maine, Field Trip Guidebook T358 1989
Cosper Novel Phytoplankton Blooms: Causes and Impacts of Recurrent Brown Tides and Other Unusual Blooms 1989
MacKinnon Oil in the Monterey California Formation Los Angeles to Santa Maria, California July 20-24, 1989 1989
Khandekar Operational Analysis and Prediction of Ocean Wind Waves 1989
Price Origin and Evolution of Sedimentary Basins and Their Energy and Mineral Resources 1989
Moslow Outer Banks Depositional Systems, North Carolina: Bogue Bank to Cape Lookout, North Carolina July 4–7, 1989 1989
Lucchitta Overflight of the Tectonic Boundary Between the Colorado Plateau and the Basin Range Provinces: Northwest Arizona, Field Trip Guidebook T116/389 1989
Dennison Paleozoic Sea-Level Changes in the Appalachian Basin: Washington, D.C., July 20-24, 1989 1989
Navrotsky Perovskite: A Structure of Great Interest to Geophysics and Materials Science 1989
Foster Petroleum Potential of the Basin and Range Province: Central Nevada July 3-7, 1989, Field Trip Guidebook T113 1989
Fisher Petrology and Structure of Gneiss Anticlines Near Baltimore, Maryland: Baltimore County, Maryland, July 15, 1989 1989
Barton Physical and Hydrologic Flow Properties of Fractures Las Vegas, Nevada—Zion Canyon, Utah—Grand Canyon, Arizona—Yucca Mountain, Nevada, Field Trip T38 1989
Tsurutani Plasma Waves and Instabilities at Comets and in Magnetospheres, Geophysical Monograph 53 1989
Curran Pleistocene and Holocene Carbonate Environments on San Salvador Island, Bahamas: San Salvador Island, Bahamas, July 2-7, Field Trip Guidebook T175 1989
Neshyba Poleward Flows Along Eastern Ocean Boundaries 1989
Titley Porphyry Copper Deposits in the American Southwest: Tucson to Globe-Miami, Arizona July19–23, 1989 1989
Baxter Precambrian and Paleozoic Geology and Ore Deposits in the Midcontinent Region: Rosiclare, Illinois to Ironton and Viburnum, Field Trip Guidebook T147 1989
Snyder Precambrian Rocks and Mineralization, Southern Wyoming Province Hartville Uplift to Copper Mountain Area, Wyoming, July 19–25, 1989 1989
Mereu Properties and Processes of Earth's Lower Crust 1989
Péwé Quaternary Geology and Permafrost Along the Richardson and Glen Highways Between Fairbanks and Anchorage, Alaska, Field Trip Guidebook T102 1989
Davis Quaternary Geology and Sedimentology of the Barrier Island and Marshy Coast, West-Central Florida, U.S.A.: Mullet Key, Pinellas County to Crystal Riv 1989
Smith Quaternary Geology of the Great Basin: Inglewood, California to Salt Lake City, Utah June 27-July 8, 1989, Field Trip Guidebook T117 1989
Bailey Quaternary Volcanism of Long Valley Caldera and Mono-Inyo Craters, Eastern California Long Valley Caldera, California July 20–27, 1989 1989
Shinn Reefs of Florida and the Dry Tortugas: Miami to Key West, Florida July 2-7, 1989, Field Trip Guidebook T176 1989
Lee Remote Sensing in Exploration Geology: Golden, Colorado to Washington, D.C., June 30-July 8, 1989, Field Trip Guidebook T182 1989
Callender Rio Grande Rift: El Paso, Texas to Denver, Colorado, July 20-30, 1989, Field Trip Guidebook T318 1989
Ikeda River Meandering 1989
Woodrow Sedimentary Sequences in a Foreland Basin: The New York System: Syracuse, New York to Washington, D. C., July 2-8, 1989, Field Trip Guidebook T156 1989
Abbott Sedimentation and Tectonics in Coastal Southern California 1989
Slingerland Sedimentology and Thermal Mechanical History of Basins in the Central Appalachian Orogen: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to Wallops Island, Field Trip T152 1989
Cuthbertson Seismic and Geochemical Research in Chesapeake Bay, Maryland: Sandy Point State Park, Annapolis, Maryland, July 15,18, 1989, Field Trip Guidebook T23 1989
Baars Shelf Carbonates of the Paradox Basin San Juan River Field Trip: Bluff to Lake Powell, Utah, July 3-9, 1989, Field Trip Guidebook T124 1989
Pilkey Shoreline Erosion in the Upper Chesapeake Bay: Point Lookout State Park to Calvert Cliffs State Park, Maryland, July 16, 89, Field Trip Guidebook T23 1989
Carter Skeletal Biomineralization: Patterns, Processes and Evolutionary Trends 1989
Cohen Slow Deformation and Transmission of Stress in the Earth 1989
Smith Snake River Plain Yellowstone Volcanic Province: Jackson, Wyoming to Boise, Idaho July 21-29, 1989, Field Trip Guidebook T305 1989
Waite Solar System Plasma Physics, Geophysical Monograph 54 1989
Muffle South Cascades Arc Volcanism, California and Southern Oregon: Red Bluff to Redding, California, July 20-26, 1989, Field Trip Guidebook T312 1989
Hatcher Jr Southern Appalachian Windows: Comparison of Styles, Scales, Geometry and Detachment Levels of Thrust Faults in the Foreland, Field Trip Guidebook T16 1989
Conley Stratigraphy and Structure Across the Blue Ridge and Inner Piedmont in Central Virginia: Culpeper to Charlottesville, Field Trip Guidebook T207 1989
Schultz Structural Transect of the Central Appalachian Fold and Thrust Belt: Harpers Ferry, West Virginia to Cumberland, Maryland, Field Trip Guidebook T227 1989
Muehlberger Structure and Stratigraphy of Trans Pecos Texas: El Paso to Guadalupe Mountains and Big Bend July 20-29, 1989, Field Trip Guidebook T317 1989
Engelder Structures of the Appalachian Foreland Fold Thrust Belt: New York City, to Knoxville, Tennessee, June 27-July 8, 1989, Field Trip Guidebook T166 1989
Blake Tectonic Evolution of Northern California: Sausalito to Yosemite National Park, California, June 28– July 7, 1989 1989
Olsen Tectonic, Depositional, and Pleoecological History of Early Mesozoic Rift Basins, Eastern North America 1989
Drewes Tectonics of the Eastern Part of the Cordilleran Orogenic Belt, Chihuahua, New Mexico and Arizona: El Paso, Texas to Tucson, Field Trip Guidebook T12 1989
Dalziel Tectonics of the Scotia Arc, Antarctica: Punta Arenas, Chile to Ushuaia, Argentina January 1-February 1, 1989, July 2-7, 1989 1989
Glover Tectonics of the Virginia Blue Ridge and Piedmont Culpeper to Richmond, Virginia, Field Trip Guidbook T363 1989
Zen Tectonostratigraphic Terranes in the Northern Appalachians: Their Distribution, Origin, and Age; Evidence for Their Existence. Field Trip Guide T359 1989
Flores Tertiary and Cretaceous Coals in the Rocky Mountains Region: Casper, Wyoming to Salt Lake City, Utah June 29-July 8, 1989, Field Trip Guidebook T132 1989
Ward Tertiary Stratigraphy and Paleontology, Chesapeake Bay Region, Virginia and Maryland: Chesapeake Bay Region, Virginia and Maryland, July 15–July 17 1989
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